Resod Process

1. We locate the sprinkler heads and any drains that maybe in the area to be resodded. Then we use a sod-cutting machine to remove about 1 –2 inches of old grass/weeds. 
2. The old grass and weeds are moved by wheelbarrow to our trailer. We take this material to a legal green waste dump in the area.
3. The area is raked off and the sprinklers are adjusted/repaired to be sure there is adequate water coverage for new sod/grass.
4. We bring in soil amendments that are spread around the area where the new sod will be installed. We also add in our water retention materials which allows you to reduce the watering by about 20% once the lawn is established.
5. The new sod is delivered to the property. This will usually be placed in the driveway area so as not to be a problem for traffic.
6. The new fescue sod is installed in a quilt pattern to be sure the grass knits together properly. The new sod is rolled to compact and level the new lawn.  The timer is set for the season.
7. In a few weeks the grass will be all uniform. Any dry fringe areas will green up in a few weeks. The lawn is not to be mowed until the grass is rooted, usually about 4 weeks and about 4” in height.  We also can maintain your landscape and protect your investment.